I’m in the airport in Oslo on my way to Helsinki. The first two-and-a-half weeks have been so busy, I feel like I’ve already been gone a month! It’s been wonderful to re-connect with colleagues, and share ideas about our innovations and current projects.
I’ve done a lot of fighting and lots of dancing! Mattias and I (in Sweden) had pre-planned to do some dance work, but the surprise was working with Clare Elliott in London! I’m so very excited about the work we’ve done and the concepts we’ve been playing with. I hope to see Clare again the next time she’s in North America, and I’ll be seeing Mattias at the end of this week in Helsinki.
On the fighting front, I’ve met lots of new people! Classes have been great, but I must say that my favourite is probably “Grrr! Aaargh!” where I led the group through some voice work. The focus was getting more effective use out of that part of your instrument. This included exploring a pain reaction “vocabulary”, safe use of the voice (and what keeps us from safe usage), vocal structure and vocal health. Eye opening for everyone!