I’m in Germany.
I have wanted to come here since I was a teenager.
I can hardly believe I am ACTUALLY here!
Why this longing to visit Germany? I’m really not sure. A well-designed language program? I took German in high-school, grades 10 through 13. I love the sound of the language. I was also lucky enough to have many people in class who spoke German at home (growing up in Kitchener, Ontario, there’s quite a large German community) and a teacher who loved what he was doing and was very encouraging. The text book had sections that describe various areas of Germany, highlighting the land and the people (Land und Leute). I think this made Germany a real place to me: somewhere I could visit and explore, and use the language I had learned. Now, many years later, I’m hoping I have remembered enough that I will pick it up quickly. I’ve learned some Swedish between high school and now, which confuses my German pronunciation and vocabulary.
I’ll let you know how it goes!