I have been loving the weather in Tromsø over the last 24 hours. I love snow (I live in a condo, so I don’t have to shovel it), and it’s been snowing on and off for the last day. To watch it fall on the city and then see the city and the mountains a glow with snow is beautiful and awe-inspiring. Especially as the sun rises. Unfortunately now, the incoming flight (ie. the plane we’re supposed to get on) has landed at an airport 3 hours away because of weather conditions. Let’s see what happens. Maybe my layover in Oslo won’t be quite so long…

UPDATE: Departure time updated to noon.

UPDATE: Departure updated to 1:00 pm now. Hmmm. Might need to grab lunch soon. It’s fun watching the enormous snow blowers!

UPDATE: The plane we’re supposed to get on has left the airport where it made it’s impromptu stop (actually only about 20 minutes away). Looking outside right now though, I really don’t see how it can land. It’s a bit of a blizzard out there! I think I’ll make the executive decision and grab a beer.

Nope, I chickened out. I don’t really want to chug a beer if it turns out I have to board quickly. If it gets delayed again, I’ll go drink and eat.

Gak!! My leg is asleep! Been sitting on the tile floor too long. Why am I sitting on a tile floor, you ask. I’m charging my computer and the only outlets are not near the chairs. But why am I still sitting on the tile floor…?

It’s quarter after one. Plane was supposed to land at ten after one. Shoulda had a beer. You know, there’s so many delays today. and I KNOW that all I can do is wait. Worrying about my train ride at the end of the day will get me nothing. I won’t be able to pre-pay my phone today. Who knows if I will catch a bus to Vistgården tonight. But what I CAN do right now is relax. Hooray for knitting.

Just tried to put the headphone jack in my ear. Was a little uncomfortable, but mostly hoping that no one saw.

There’s a baby standing beside me, watching TEDtalks with me. I hope she doesn’t puke on my keyboard.

(my transcribing has more energy than I do)

Ha haaa! Now a 25 minute (or more!) delay on in the plane while we wait for them to clear the runway.

Finally in Oslo now. Found some brown cheese to take home! Getting a reindeer pelt to bring home! Woot!

And the last big question of my journey: Will I make it to the train on time?
Answer: Yes! Hooray, home — my Sweden home, that is — soon… ish. That is, no more time-crunches and variables 🙂