The intermediate longsword test fight will be choreographed to this scene.

The advanced broadsword and shield fight will be choreographed to this scene.

Get started on reading the play and doing your acting work. Who are these people? What do they want? What is their relationship to each other? What’s the situational background? What’s the societal circumstances? What are the consequences of the fight, i.e. what’s different after the fight ends?

You are absolutely welcome to choose different scenes. I’m just letting you know that these are the situations and characters that the fight will be created for.

Whichever scene you choose, think about how you might stage the scene if you were the director. Far too often I see test fights where people “park and bark”, do their fight moves, and then one actor stands and watches or kneels by someone’s head while the other character dies. In our test fight situation of no set and no distinct entrances, this may well be an appropriate choice, but please, be sure that it is a choice, and not a habit born out of creating a scene while you’re exhausted from the workshop.