Intimacy and Fight choreography

The Virtues Project

I'm starting to take a webinar with The Virtues Project. I first heard about it from Christine Ayling when I was up in Grande Prairie to teach. From talking to Christine in person, to listening to her TEDtalk (see below), and reading up on The Virtues Project website,...


Flashfood is a way to get discounted groceries. Grocery stores post when they area putting food on at a discount, you purchase it, and pick it up! Super easy! At all FarmBoy locations in Ontario. Check out their website for more info. Download the free app (scroll to...

Mindfulness: essential emotional fitness

Mindfulness training can make you more resilient and compassionate, less reactive in situations of high stress. Soldiers reported that not only did daily mindfulness exercises decrease the chances of PTSD, but it also INCREASED the chances of Post-Traumatic GROWTH....

Union resources

In light of the current #metoo, I want to be sure that people know some of their options when facing harassment in the performance workplace. Ideally these actions are prevented, but if you have experienced harassment in the workplace here is how your unions have your...

Heart Warriors

Intimacy choreography has been a fundamental tool for me as an actor and as a human with boundaries. My boundaries are very different now from what they were when I was 16. I have triggers now that never existed before. Without intimacy choreography, I don’t know that...

Body Cam footage

You need a fight director/stunt coordinator. Find a good one. Engage their services. Celebrate your incident-free production.   NB: No one is harmed in this body cam footage. Also, as soon as the police show up, DO WHAT THEY SAY, and read what Carly says below.  ...

The Toronto Cyclists Handbook

Where has this been all my life?! I picked this up at the Toronto Public Library today. Has some excellent info on riding your bike in Toronto, including a quick reminder of the rules of the road, how to signal, handling intersections, and what you can be fined for....

Supporting Intimacy

In 2004, Tonia Sina began her work on creating what is now the Intimacy for the Stage method. At the time, the idea of being an “Intimacy Specialist” was completely new. 12 years later, Intimacy Directors International (IDI) was founded to...

Video Cropping

Today's helpful app: Video Crop. For Slate shots the videos need to be in an 8 x 10 ratio in a portrait orientation. My videos came back from my photographer in a standard landscape orientation,s so to the internets for a cheap or free app.  I found Video Crop, which...

“Monster” role

In the show I'm about to start rehearsing, I'm playing a monster. You know, that kind of repulsive human being who tortures people with no reason beyond being cruel. Well, at first pass it looks like that. And I don't want to play it that way, for several reasons, the...

helpful websites

Keeping track of some of the sites I am referencing for building our crowdfunding campaign.   https://medium.com/swlh/every-resource-we-used-to-plan-and-launch-a-75k-kickstarter-campaign-cc5897f71bfd#.mxv3ro26f

Intimacy For The Stage

There's tons going on in my world right now: I'm co-producing a film that I'll later be co-starring in (big kickass fight in it!), teaching lots of private lessons, mentoring some new fight directors, and the usual professional actor pursuits.   The new one, though,...


I'm in the process of refocussing and revitalizing. If you've been following my travels for many years, you'll notice that my numerous travels and training adventures are now on this one blog! Bear with me as I re-categorize everything, as well as revamping my home...

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Upcoming Events

10:00 am Our Changing Industry: Respectfu... @ Scotiabank Theatre
Our Changing Industry: Respectfu... @ Scotiabank Theatre
May 24 @ 10:00 am – 2:00 pm
Our Changing Industry: Respectful Workspaces for Scenes of Heightened Emotion (for Actors, Teachers, & Students), Halifax @ Scotiabank Theatre | Halifax | Nova Scotia | Canada
In this workshop, you’ll learn elements of the Intimacy For Stage And Screen method of approaching scenes of intimacy. Practice specific techniques for accessing vulnerability in a dramatic context, resulting in powerful chemistry between characters[...]
10:00 am Bob Charron: The Sword in Shakes... @ Redwood Theatre
Bob Charron: The Sword in Shakes... @ Redwood Theatre
Jun 10 @ 10:00 am – 5:00 pm
Bob Charron: The Sword in Shakespeare’s World @ Redwood Theatre | Toronto | Ontario | Canada
How the Scientific Art of Swordsmanship is a Key to Understanding the Cultural Context and Cosmology of Shakespeare’s dramatic devices and language. This dynamic presentation will use the principles of scientific Renaissance swordplay as the[...]
6:00 pm What is Intimacy on Stage? An In... @ Live Webinar - Access on computer
What is Intimacy on Stage? An In... @ Live Webinar - Access on computer
Jun 12 @ 6:00 pm – 7:00 pm
What is Intimacy on Stage? An Introduction to Creating a Safe Space, Live Webinar @ Live Webinar - Access on computer | Grande Prairie | Alberta | Canada
Learn about the background and impetus behind the Intimacy for the Stage initiative In this 45-minute introductory webinar, Siobhan Richardson – an intimacy director from Intimacy Directors International – will go over the fundamental principles[...]