I know they’re not scheduled during the workshop, but be sure to do a cool-down or have a personal cool-down routine. It’s two weeks of long days. Give your mind and body some cues that it’s time to rest, recuperate and relax. Maybe it’s a particular food you need to have (some people swear by drinking a litre of milk), or a few particular stretches. Maybe you meditate. Or read a chapter of your book. Maybe you need to hang out with friends. Let it be some “me” time: something that grounds you and ultimately re-fuels your energy.

Rest and sleep are when body and mind process the day’s activities. Give your sub-conscious the cues that it’s time to begin that phase

It’s even more effective if you start experimenting now. Most people work well on some degree of routine, so you’ll help programme your sub-conscious if you establish these ahead of time (yesterday’s warm-ups, too).

The rests are as important as the work.

Now, some music and beauty to relax to.