Hello friends and colleagues!

The summer is well upon us, and with it, the stage combat workshop season. I hope you’ve been doing all your prep work: eating well, keeping your joints healthy, keeping an eye on your alignment, getting into fighting shape… (start here and work your way through, for some ideas).

If all of that seems daunting, do only one thing: work on your cardio! It will save you in the long run, allowing you to get so much more out of your workshop or rehearsal/show experience. You’ll already have brain-drain and mental burn-out: good cardio will help keep you from battling physical fatigue on top of that.

With a blush, I am going to toot the horn of my favourite cardio (BTW, no one is paying me to say this): Just Dance! I get to move around, listen to some music and have a great time. You can play it on Wii U, Wii, PlayStation 4, PlayStation3, Xbox One, Xbox 360, and now … drum roll, please! … you can play it online for free! www.JustDanceNow.com. You just need a screen and a smart phone (Unpaid commercial ended).

Do something that is fun for you, and building your cardio will happen almost without you noticing!

Before beginning any new exercise/conditioning program, you should consult your physician, physical therapist, athletic trainer or strength and conditioning coach.

The exercise area must be safe and free of hazards.

Do not attempt any motion that causes you pain, and never force your body into positions.

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