This is specifically intended for folks who are interested in becoming Intimacy Directors. It will cover the foundation principles of Intimacy Choreography and supporting skills and concepts that are crucial for achieving successful scenes of intimacy. This course is called “enhanced” because of the additional concentration on various details, and the one-on-one feedback. 

Course Details


Directing, fight directing, movement coaching, or related experience


Introduce the foundation concepts of “What are scenes of intimacy?”, introducing an approach to basic scenes of intimacy from the actor and director’s perspective. This course will include guidelines for tablework, and descriptions of movement, related to scenes of intimacy. There will be information and discussion on workplace conduct to support creative and joyful workspaces. Finally, participants will be given feedback on scenes created within the class time.

Course content includes:

  • An introduction to The Pillars
  • Vocabulary of choreography (from the perspective of a director and from an actor)
  • Tablework: what a director and actors should know about their scene of intimacy before setting choreography
  • Application of above to a simple scene of intimacy, ie, touch, embrace, kiss
  • Anti-harassment polices in Canada
  • What the unions can currently offer
  • Joyful workspaces, and offers of solutions to common difficulties in rehearsal (but do your own research!)
  • Practice choreographing your own scene, with support and feedback
  • Q&A about the job requirements of being an intimacy director  (intention: to give more information, in case people aren’t aware of the scope of the work, but not enough to let them think they are IDs now)

The fine print: 

This course introduces concepts that will be instrumental to seeking certification, and serves an in-depth introduction to IDI’s methods, but does not offer certification as an Intimacy Director. Participants should not expect to be able to advertise themselves as intimacy directors after this workshop. After this workshop, you might choose to explore certification through IDI’s apprentice program. This course does not cover choreography of simulated genital contact of any kind, nor scenes sexual violence (consensual or non-consensual). IDI’s current workshop structures require that this material can only be accessed at the 9-day International Intimacy Choreographers Intensive.