I am checked-in and ready to go. A little early, but you never know when you need extra time. Once when I was flying out of Buffalo, the border crossing took about two hours longer than anticipated. Luckily, I’d planned to be a few hours early so I still made my flight… not like that other time when I was about 5 minutes late for check-in, and the plane was overbooked so I had to buy new tickets… and that weekend was an American holiday, the opening of the Vancouver Olympics, and unexpected snow storms all over Canada and the USA (tickets were a little hard to come by)! So, now I’m always early for my flight.

I’m being temped by all the pastry and coffee shops! However, I have packed some food and I think I’ll have a little snack, do some yoga and wait for boarding. Besides, I’m flying Air France for the first time since I was a teenager, and if I remember correctly, a good meal is coming. And wine is not only free, but mandatory 😉