photo of Krystina Bojanowski and Mattie Driscoll by Natalia Tcherniak, from The Odd One Out

I was first drawn to Intimacy For Stage And Screen when I read Tonia Sina’s article “Safe Sex: A Look at the Intimacy Choreographer” in The Fight Master magazine. A light bulb turned on. “Yes! How have I never heard of this before?!” Since then, I’ve been studying with Tonia including assisting her on The Bakkhai (Stratford Festival, directed by Jillian Keiley), and Intimacy Directing on a number of productions. I’m seeing the outstanding effectiveness of having an Intimacy Director in the rehearsal room, and I’m thrilled to be part of the growing trend towards hiring a specialist to support actors and directors in these sensitive moments that are so integral to plot and character development.

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Keep listening to the interview with Ellen Close from Downstage Theatre in Calgary for some of the additional impact that this work is having in their community.


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photo by Dahlia Katz Photography. L-R: Alicia Rodis, Tonia Sina, Siobhan Richardson

Siobhan Richardson is an Intimacy Director, co-founder of Intimacy Directors International, and is recognized as an Intimacy Director by Tonia Sina, founder of the Intimacy For The Stage method. Siobhan is quickly building an impressive resume in this field, including several directing and teaching credits across Canada, the USA with inquiries from across Europe.




Workshops and Training

Learn the techniques and the language to stage human sexuality in a way that is professional, dynamic and focused on storytelling.

Workshops introduce specific techniques to help actors access their vulnerability in a dramatic context, resulting in powerful chemistry between characters without compromising personal boundaries.  Focus is on subtle and specific details in choreography, and on acting exercises to keep partners connected physically and emotionally.  It’s an exploration of vulnerability within a dramatic context for the purpose of telling the story of the scene. We’ll also touch on suggestions for Best Practices, issues of consent, and psychological safety.

Workshops and training can be tailored to suit your needs, like specific groups (directors and coaches, actors, performing arts students) and time frames (2-hour introduction to 10-week study session)

Contact me to discuss details, including how to set up a workshop in your area. While I am based in Toronto, Canada, I love to travel! No matter where you are in the world and whatever your budget, we can work together: I am also available for phone or Skype consultations.


What people are saying about working with Siobhan:

“Had a great experience learning about this work this year, and would recommend an intimacy choreographer to any director.” Michael Bradley, director

“Thank you so much for your work today. It was so inspiring watching you work and I feel like I learned so much. You made the women feel totally comfortable and safe and I love what you came up with. Feeling very grateful to have had your eyes on the project.”  – Claren Grosz, PencilKit Productions



“I do have to give a shout out Siobhan Richardson’s intimacy direction [in Odd One Out]… you can really see the difference on the stage. I felt the attraction between the two female characters from the moment they met in a way I can’t remember experiencing ever before in a show. There was such a comfort level between [those] actors that has to have been Siobhan’s work.” -MK Piatowski, One Big Umbrella

“The chemistry between Mat and Clem is simply electrifying — and seriously hot, ooff”  –Samantha Wu, Mooney on Theatre, for The Odd One Out, Human Wick Effect


What is an Intimacy Director?

They kiss, they touch, and they share a meaningful look are deceptive stage directions.

We tend to think that these are simple moments to be “dealt with” with quickly (“just kiss ’em!”), they can be fraught with discomfort when not approached with a mindful and clear artistic process. Then they become extraordinary opportunities to advance the plot and learn more about the characters. A qualified Intimacy Director helps translate your impulses and instincts into dynamic, artistic chemistry for the audience — and reliable, repeatable actions for the actors! A two-word phrase can yield storytelling possibilities and beautiful moments of vulnerability and discovery.