Intimacy Direction

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photo by Dahlia Katz

Siobhan is a founding member of Intimacy Directors International. She was first drawn to Intimacy For The Stage when she read Tonia’s article “Safe Sex: A Look at the Intimacy Choreographer” in The Fight Master, a stage combat trade magazine. A light bulb turned on, saying, “Yes! How have I never heard of this before”. Since then, she has seen the effectiveness of having a specific Intimacy Choreographer in the rehearsal room, and is thrilled to be part of the growing trend towards hiring Intimacy Choreographers to support actors and directors in these sensitive moments that are so integral to plot and character development.

They kiss, they touch, and they share a meaningful look  are deceptive stage directions. While we tend to think they are simple moments that we can “deal with” with quickly, they’re really an extraordinary opportunities to advance the plot and discover more about the characters. A qualified Intimacy Director can help translate your impulses and instincts for this moment into dynamic, artistic chemistry for the audience (reliable, repeatable action for the actors!). A two-word phrase can yield storytelling possibilities and beautiful moments of vulnerability.

If you think you might need an Intimacy Choreographer in your next project, contact me to discuss the details.

Dahlia Katz Photography, intimacy for the stage, choreography

photo by Dahlia Katz Photography