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Siobhan Richardson

Height: 5’ 2”

Weight: 119 lbs

Hair: dark brown

Eyes: hazel


Soprano: G to C

Theatre (selected)

The Taming of the Shrew Kate, Biondello Driftwood Theatre Group/D Jeremy Smith
Romeo and Juliet Mercutio Dauntless City Theatre/Scott Moyle
Hogtown Katie O’Malley The Hogtown Collective/Sam Rosenthal
And Then The Lights Went Out Lucy DeBrie Stage West Calgary/Liz Gilroy
Romeo and (her) Juliet Lady Capulet Urban Bard and Headstrong Collective/Scott Moyle
The Parliamentarians Stephanie Rivers Parliamentarians Group (co-op)/Phil Rickaby
Mo and Jess Kill Susie Mo Harley Dog Productions/Brenley Charkow
Intent City Constable Taylor Eventual Ashes/Esther Jun
The Duellist Julie D’Orlac Demanding Satisfaction/Luisa Appolloni
Duel of Ages One, Narrator True Edge Productions/Todd Campbell, Dahlia Katz
The Last Resort Julia & Jessica (twins) Stirling Festival Theatre/Luisa Appolloni
The Maids Solange Whirligig Productions/Sandy MacDonald
The Madness Of The Square Catherine Stuart, Waitress Cahoots Theatre Projects/Ruth Madoc-Jones
The Forbidden Phoenix Mu Lan, Peasant 1 Citadel Theatre & LKTYP/Ron Jenkins
The Belle of Winnipeg Tanya, Jenny Keystone Theatre/Richard Beaune
a nanking winter Audrey, Big Mei Cahoots Th Proj, Nightwood’s Groundswell/Ruth Madoc-Jones
Richard III Richmond A.C.T. Productions/Scott Lale
Singkil Mimi Factory Theatre, CrossCurrents Festival/Nina Lee Aquino
Nurse Jane Goes To Hawaii Vivien Bliss Theatre Muskoka/Sandy MacDonald
Nunsense Sister Mary Leo Theatre Cambridge/Sandy MacDonald
West Side Story Maria Fallen Rock Productions/Jason Spetter
Titus Andronicus Lavinia Canopy Theatre Company/Catriona James
An Ideal Husband Miss Mabel Chiltern Theatre & Company/Stuart Scadron-Wattles
The Sculpture Cindy Theatre & Company/Mike Peng
Romeo and Juliet Juliet Festival Players Brampton/David Glover
The Paper Bag Princess and Other Stories Angela, Jule Ann, Narrator Waterloo Stage Theatre/Donna Feore


Battlers The Woman Blue Flame Collective/Derek Barnes
Sofia’s Doll Kate Film Freak Productions/Wilfred Tangid
Art In Charge Madame Artino Silverscreen Prods./Mustafa Ahmed
A Super Gay Christmas Jax Redbank Entertainment/Rita Colucci
Haunted the wife Oatman Productions/Josh Oatman
Miasma Mika Railroader Films/Amber Dimock
Listed Erica Vibe Pictures/Tasha Mufti
Robot Love Ceres Salty Sweet A/V Ltd/Mishann Lau
The Secret Lives of Lovers Daphne Five Strangers Films/Marc Morgenstern
Aller-G-Whiz Ms. Sinclair Blowfish Creative/Marc Morgenstern
The Gears Meet Mother Superior Mother Superior’s Fighting Girl Redhanded Film&Th/Rosanna Saracino
Evil Love Interviewee on the news Peacekeeper Productions/Nathan Fisher
The Vampire Conspiracy vampire Five Strangers Films/Marc Morgenstern
Film Love Lies Clara Cast Of Thousands/Alex Brodzky


Curious and Unusual Deaths: “Trapped in Death Cave Rescuer Carol Lamport-Sheppard Entertainment/David Weaver
Team Epic, Ep.1 and 2 Ange Noir/the White Villain Poetic License Prod/Adrian Ross Munro, Ryan Knight
Mutant X, Season 3 murder victim Mutant X Production III Ltd/Andrew Potter
Special Skills

Stage Combat: Advanced Actor/Combatant, Certified Instructor                     Historical Fencing

Soprano: G To C                                                                                                            Kung-Fu

Dance                                                                                                                            Archery: Longbow, Recurve, Crossbow

Horseback Riding: Western and English                                                                Circus: Silks, Acrobatics

Languages: Basic French, beginning German and Swedish                              Dialects: various

Valid Passport, Drive: Std/Auto, Trailer

Various Awards and Nominations, incl. Chalmers Arts Fellowship (study in USA, UK, Sweden), & “Breakout Action Star” (Action On Film, 2014)