FDC’s National Workshop begins tomorrow!

How are you feeling on your way into the workshop? I hope you’re brimming with excitement, and are ready to adapt to any and all curveballs. I know I’m excited and I totally wish I could be there with you!

Remember to find the enjoyment in the experience and approach every moment with curiosity, even during the times when you may be exhausted, frustrated or fried!

After the workshop, whether you pass the test or not, maintain your hunger for learning. It’s not the piece of paper that makes you good at this art form, it’s the continued practice. Let this intense period, when you get to be surrounded by exceptional teachers and colleagues, be a sustaining force after the workshop is over. Let it be the beginning (or continuation!) of a consistent practice. Look for people to practice with, and seek out training opportunities (classes, workshops and private lessons, for instance). Find a way to do something related to stage combat as often as possible.

In my own life, while intensives were instrumental to making my technique leap forward, it was in the practice time after workshops that maintained and further developed my ability.

So, over the next couple of weeks, soak up as much information as you can, and enjoy this time of immersion, remembering that it’s an exciting beginning (or continuation!) of living the #FightLife!


Remember to look back at the posts from last year’s FDC Nationals for some day-to-day advice and encouragement: http://www.burningmountain.ca/connect/archives/767