Receiving Your Choreography

In this series of posts, we’re looking at the various stages of learning your fight scene. Reminder: this blog is full of helpful hints, but you can’t really learn this art form in isolation. At some point, you need a teacher to help you build strong...

Points to Ponder

It never ceases to amaze me how I start to think about stage combat in random situations. Well, what I really mean, is that we’ll be chatting about something completely different and it’ll apply to my work. I’ve decided to start posting “Points to Ponder” whenever...

Quote of the Day

“Talent must not be wasted… Those who have talent must hug it, embrace it, nurture it and share it lest it be taken away from you as fast as it was loaned to you.” – Frank Sinatra

Quote of the Day

“Specify, not simplify.” – Brad Waller Clarify the details, rather than washing over them in an attempt to be done faster.  The work suffers, the story is not clear, and you sacrifice safety.