Introduction to Skirts and Heels


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Nerd-out, With Your Skirts And Heels Out! -or- stage combat in period shoes and long, flowing costumes *everyone welcome! Not just for women!*

Our default training clothes tend to be the most comfortable, non-restrictive clothing we can find. But when the gigs come up, who knows what you’ll be dressed in? Stilettos? Mini-skirt? Ball gown? This class is a chance to practice stage combat in various wardrobe, with a focus on skirts and heeled-shoes. This class is not just for women, though! Men can come to practice and learn a few tricks for fighting in period footwear and long-flowing robes, like a highwayman’s cloak.


Navigating the fabric: practice movements from fainting to swordplay without getting entangled. Preventative exercises: methods to prepare your body for the demands of fighting in heels. Drills and choreography to put our practice into action!


high-heeled shoes: anywhere from 1” to 4” floor-length rehearsal skirt or long cloak mini-skirt corset optional, but encouraged! If you don’t have a corset, a tight jacket is a good alternative. sword (some swords available to borrow)


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