There’s a few luxury items in my self-care regimen.

If I can, I get a massage. Whenever possible, I go to a sauna/steam room. In Toronto, I like Body Blitz Spa and Hammam Spa. If I’m somewhere without those kinds of places, a hot yoga class is the next best thing.

In just about every housing arrangement, there’s a bath. So, I grab some Epsom salts and have a nice, hot bath! If you like, you can reach for the more expensive alternatives like Lush bath bombs, or bath oils from any number of beauty or health supply places. And finally, when I don’t have one of those, alternating between hot and cold water in a shower. All of this is capped off with a good 30- to 60-minute stretch session.  Bath or shower are a daily occurrence during these kinds of engagements! I mean, obviously, you want to get clean after a day of sweating, but also, I find that it loosens my muscles for a good stretch before bed, as well as calms my mind so that I can get a great sleep.

One way or the other, take this day off to rest and rejuvenate.