Just as a stable core is necessary for good structure, so is a flexible one integral to storytelling. As actor/combatants we need to be able to collapse forwards or backwards and left or right at any given place in our torsos in order to play attacks and wounds at specific locations. Most people don’t focus on spine flexibility in their regular fitness routine so it can take a good deal of time. Dancers, circus performers and yogis are definitely at an advantage.

Here’s a video to help you get started. I do this in almost every warm-up.


And I’ve always thought that Hula Hoop would be a fantastic way to work this WHILE having fun. I particularly enjoy this video. The timing, strength and flexibility required make this a fantastic cross training activity for stage combat!  I love the laugh right at the end, too!

And here’s a totally different hoop dance. Not exactly relevant to the post, but I stumbled across it while writing the post, and feel compelled to share.