Classes are done for this week.  I am continually awed by his eye for the big picture and his ability to listen.  I’ve spend many years looking at the details which are also important, but the big picture is what binds it all together.  His style of teaching also involves observing and listening.  While this may not seem extraordinary (of course you have to observe and listen! How else can you see what they’re doing), what perhaps is amazing is how he applies the information he receives.  What seems to me like magic, though hopefully not for long, is how he anticipates the students’ needs.  He picks up on the tiniest cues and has a most appropriate response.  Well, beyond appropriate.  He has exceptional to solutions to problems, insightful interaction with people and clever redirection of energy.  Brad practices what he preaches.  Just as Marozzo’s grappling techniques require keen listening, good structure and positioning, and a choice from the many responses available, so does Brad, in his life and his teaching, listen to people and situations, remain unshaken by new stimuli, and chose a response that best fits the situation.  If I nothing else, this week I will listen.